We help companies effectively implement the process of finding and integrating new staff, with a view to ensuring a good start and effective cooperation with each new member of staff, having regard to the interests of both the recruitees and the company itself.

We create an integration plan based on the size and operations of each business, with a view to ensuring that:

All newly-recruited staff gain access to all necessary information about the company's mission, objectives, values, structure and operations, which will allow them to adapt quickly to the new working environment
The company fulfils its statutory obligation to support its new staff in carrying out their duties safely and confidently

What can a company gain by implementing a successful recruitment plan?

From the very first day the company will build a relationship of trust with each new member of its staff and will boost their sense of acceptance in the organisation, thus increasing their productivity
It will increase the likelihood of new staff keeping the posts they were originally hired to fill, thus largely reducing attrition rates
It will save time and money both in the short and in the long run
We help companies develop and implement effective staff training and adjustment plans, to help their new staff meet the requirements of their new job roles and familiarise themselves with their new working position, their team and with the company itself.

Once the onboarding process is complete, new staff members will:

Be thoroughly familiar with the requirements of their new roles, the procedures they need to follow, the company’s policies and what the company expects from them
Be able to carry out their duties effectively; give their best to the company each from their respective post, as soon as possible after their recruitment, having acquired all necessary knowledge and skills based on the company's needs; will feel confident and adequate.
Be on the same page with the company's workforce and thoroughly familiar with the corporate culture

The onboarding process includes:

Structured training of all new staff on the expertise, skills and type of conduct required for the effective performance of their duties
On-the-job training of all new staff by their supervisors
Application of modern methodologies to help all new staff harmonize with the company's strategic purpose and objectives

Benefits for the company

Immediate positive financial results
Fewer errors by new staff in carrying out their duties
Improvement of company's attractiveness to new talent
Better and more effective communication among the company's employees
Increased productivity and efficiency
Stronger commitment of new staff to the company and to their new roles
Creation of strong and connected working teams and strong corporate culture