We support companies and organisations engaged in the following sectors:





Food and Beverages


Catering Services

Business services


Wholesale and Retail Commerce

Pharmaceutical and personal care

Industrial Products and Services

Constructions and Construction Materials

Real estate management

Transportation and storage services (Logistics)

Accommodation Services / Hotels

Financial and insurance operations

By offering comprehensive and customised services in finding and evaluating the right people to be recruited in these departments; by ensuring the creation of powerful teams that will form the ideal business culture and achieve optimum business results.

We find, evaluate and recruit the right people to meet the needs of businesses in the following areas:

High & Higher Management posts: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), General Manager, Regional Manager, Country Manager, Branch Manager, Vice President and members of the Board, Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager.

Retail and Wholesale Services: Sales Director, Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Wholesale Seller, Retail Seller, Telephone Sales Manager, Sales Assistant, Health Advisor, Medical Advisor, Reservations Manager, Corporate Customers Director

Supply Chain (Logistics), Procurements and Warehouse Manager: Logistics Director, Warehouse Supervisor, Procurements Director, Distribution Director

Supporting Services: Executive Assistant, particularly Secretary, Office Manager, Department Secretary, Secretary, Receptionist, Front Office Manager, Reception Manager

Marketing & Graphic Design: Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Brand Strategist, Social Media Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Web Marketing Manager, SEO Manager, Campaign Manager, Communication Manager, Public Relations Manager, Marketing Data Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Content Writer/Producer, Marketing Assistant

Human Resources Management: Human Resources Manager, Remuneration and Benefits Manager, Payroll Manager, Recruitments Director, Staff Training & Development Manager, HR Assistant.

Supporting Services: Executive Assistant, particularly Secretary, Office Manager, Department Secretary, Secretary, Receptionist, Front Office Manager, Reception Manag

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Equipment and Infrastructure Maintenance and related disciplines in the industrial sector: Production Manager, Technical Director, Maintenance Director, Mechanic, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Production Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Processes Engineer, Technician, Foreman, Installation Engineer

Finance and Accounting: Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Financial Audit Manager, Chief Accounting Manager, Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Cost Accountant, Cash Manager, Financial Analyst, Certified Auditor, Internal Auditor

Customer Service: Customer Service Director, Call Centre Director, Telephone Customer Service Director

Imports & Exports: Imports/Exports Director, Imports/Exports Manager, International Sales Manager, Exports Area Sales Manager, Import/Export Assistant

Research & Development: Research & Development Manager, Programme Manager, Project Manager, Researcher, Technician, R&D Assistant

Technology and Informatics: ΙΤ Director, IT manager, IT support, System/Network Administrator, IT Help-desk Support, Data Scientist, Developer, Web-developer, Web-designer


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Recruitment for remote jobs
Flexible workforce & part time jobs
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