A business is as effective as its people!

We bridge the gap between staff performance and achievement of business objectives!

We help companies and organisations organise and manage their human resources and the functionalities of their HR departments, always in line with their business strategies and objectives, because effective HR management can make a company sustainable and trigger dynamic development in the right direction.

Our areas of expertise

Based on our long experience and taking into account the particular needs of each organisation, we are able to design and implement projects in the following areas:

HRAudit & Talent Management

Human Resources Audit Procedures/Recording & Evaluation of Current HR Status (HRAudit)
We are on your side to help you ensure that your business manages and fulfils its obligations as an employer in the most efficient and effective way possible. The practices and laws to be applied by a company are constantly evolving and changing, requiring your business policies and procedures to change and evolve along with them.

Based on each organisation’s different needs and requirements, we carry out audits using the appropriate tools in terms of the organisation of the HR Department/Directory (HR records, documents, contracts, procedures and policies applied, communication between staff members and employee reward system). Depending on the current practices and on the evaluation of circumstances prevailing from time to time, we prepare proposals which ensure the impeccable and transparent operation of your business in the above areas, leading to constructive changes and seeking primarily to achieve your business objectives.

Preparation of Talent Management and Development Plans, Training Programmes and Training Manuals
We are able to develop action plans that will significantly contribute to the creation of effective training programs for your staff and will lead to their growth and development, with a view to ensuring that your investment in your people develops and reinforces both them and your business, and leadership skills are developed in all business functions.
We believe that optimum results only come when there is a high level of knowledge, skills, ethics and motivation among a company’s staff.
By developing effective training programs and manuals, we ensure that all members of your staff will be informed on all latest developments in their area of expertise and will receive training through state-of-the-art methodologies, so that they remain fully informed on their respective areas of expertise and ready to respond effectively to any challenges that may arise in the context of their duties.


Evaluation of organisational structure, organisational redesign, job evaluation and analysis, preparation of job descriptions and specifications, human resource planning.
A clear organisational structure that reflects the different relationships among the company’s operations, departments, work teams and every individual employed by it, is the only way to achieve business objectives.
We can help you evaluate the current organisational structure of your business and help you redesign it, as well as analyse and redefine the requirements of each working position and the duties of your people according to their roles, with a view to:
Enabling your staff to assume their own rate of responsibility, depending on the nature of their working position
Ensuring effective assignment of tasks and effective implementation of all corporate actions at the right time
Avoiding any overlapping between business functions and operations, and increasing the chances of achieving optimum performance at minimum cost with minimum effort
Facilitating the cooperation and effective communication between team members
Applying business policies effectively and achieving the business objectives
Creating a culture of solidarity, mutual support, achievement and excellence
Establishing a clear hierarchy when it comes to who reports to whom


Human Resources Departments perform multiple and often complicated tasks. This is the reason why it is difficult for companies to focus on organising their HR departments based on the good practices applied by the most successful organisations around the world, to the detriment of their efforts to generate value.
We can undertake a series of projects that will ensure the effective organisation of your HR Department, to improve their operation and support any actions that may useful in managing effectively the people dedicated to achieving the best maximum financial result (You will see that I have slightly changed the bullet points to make the description of each sub-service more understandable and better presented on the website. We can discuss any observations/suggestions)

Creation & Organisation of a Human Resources Department
We are here to help you organise and staff your Human Resources Department and train its staff so that you can focus on more strategic issues relating to your business, ensure prompt compliance with ever-changing regulations and increase the efficiency of your processes with a view to optimising your investments.

HR Department Reorganisation
We organise as effectively as possible all procedures that need to be applied and successfully implemented for your Human Resources Department to operate smoothly, efficiently and proactively, so that it meets the needs of your staff and copes with the new business environment.

Interim HR Management
We can take over the management of your company’s Human Resources Department for you and you can focus on functions and projects that will make your business viable and will help it expand its activities.

Preparation of HR Manuals
We design and develop any policies, procedures, manuals and regulations required based on the needs of your business, so that your staff integrates and adapts effectively to the work environment and carry out their duties efficiently, taking all steps necessary and applying all good practices in line with the culture and strategy of your business.

Recording of Work Environment and Employee Satisfaction
We carry out work environment and employee satisfaction surveys to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses at any time, based on feedback obtained from your staff and based on our findings, we make suggestions and design improvement plans that are bound to increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff and, of course, your business.

Design and Implementation of HR Performance Evaluation Systems
We design and implement Human Resources Performance Evaluation Systems with a view to identifying trends, establishing your staff’s performance and defining any sectors that may present challenges. Based on the evaluation data, your business will be able to focus on eliminating any potential gap between staff skills and productivity and take any steps necessary to help your staff grow and reach maximum efficiency.

Design of Remuneration and Benefit Systems
We can help you design effective Remuneration and Benefit Systems to ensure that your staff are satisfied with the remuneration and ethical reward they receive for the services they provide to your business. Fair pay and benefits are what increases your staff’s commitment and motivates them to give their best in achieving your business objectives.

Design of Internal Communication Programmes
We design Internal Communication Programmes that have positive and systematic impact on your staff’s knowledge, conduct and behaviours, simply because we believe that companies focusing on meaningful connection with employees gain multiple benefits. Staff commitment, motivation and productivity increase dramatically, boosting the effective implementation of the business strategy.

Design and Consolidation of a Corporate Culture
We work together with you and use creative and analytical thinking to design and capture the corporate culture and values of your business and help you consolidate them through supporting programmes offered to your staff. Your business culture has an impact on every decision related to staff recruitment, strategy and communication and, if clear enough, leads to super-efficiency and success.

Preparation of Change Management Plans
We prepare Change Management Plans to help you transform your business and adjust promptly and flexibly to the ever-changing market conditions in which you are required to operate. We use innovative methods which are customised based on the needs of your business, as this is the only way to achieve sustainable change.