HR PARTNERS was established by two professionals, Silia Christofilopoulou and Yiannis Petridis, both with long and proven experience in helping businesses activate and maximize the skills and value of their people in order to achieve their objectives and reach business excellence.

Our vision

Partnering for Success & Excellence!

We aspire to provide each company with decisive and powerful support and assistance in achieving their objectives and attaining business growth and excellence, by introducing positive changes to the lives of their people. We aspire to be a trusted partner and the first choice of any company that seeks to create an excellent working environment for their people.

We are passionate about meeting the needs of our customers and having a positive impact on every project we are assigned to carry out
For us, reliability and integrity are the basis for building win-win relationships of trust
The pursuit of excellence through growth and development is our guide in every single action
Flexibility and prompt response to challenges are our basic motives for acting proactively and effectively adapting to an ever-changing business environment
We invest in the implementation of sustainable good practices that increase profitability, without harming the environment.

Our non-negotiable values

People are a business's most valuable asset!

Our ''tools''

Experiential knowledge in the service of human resources!

To achieve the creation of sustainable, ever-growing businesses that are focused on achieving excellent results and creating real value through effective utilisation and reinforcement of their people, we rely on innovative solutions drawn from the following sources:

Our long experience in administrative and consulting posts in leading multinational and Greek companies of different sizes active in various sectors, which has offered us a global perspective in the roles, functions and needs of any organisation.
Our deep empirical knowledge of the Human Resources market and our constant monitoring of national and international market trends
Our experiential knowledge of all scientifically substantiated optimum practices applied globally in the field of human resource management.
Our expanded network, strategic partnerships and relationships of trust and loyalty built by our executives with all parties involved in the human resources market value chain.
Our executives’ ability to ``read`` the culture of each company and individual
The effective use of information and communication technologies
The implementation of business strategies and practices which allow our executives to be proactive and offer quick and value-for-money services.

Our Services

Modernising the Human Resources department of your business helps you take many steps forward!

HRPartners Talent Acquisition

HRPartners Induction & Onboarding

HR Partners Human Development

Our team

We are here to help you achieve your own vision and serve your own mission!

Partner – Human Resources Advisor

“No one can perform a Symphony on their own. It takes an entire orchestra to play it.”
– H.E. Luccock


Partner – Human Resources Advisor

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”
– H. Ford


Reinforce your business to get the most out of it by stipulating your human resources!